About You – Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients generally fit this profile – though there are always exceptions!

  • They Sell ICT Products or Services ICT is different from other industries – and the people drawn to them. Our clients may work with:
    • Products – fixed & customised/configured
    • Projects – working with their own clients
    • Relationships – providing ongoing services
  • Business-To-Business
    • Sell to other businesses and enable those businesses to provide goods and services to their own clients (not retail or consumer-focused).
  • Small & Medium Enterprise
    • Revenue generally at or targeting to exceed A$1M through A$15M with targeted margins normally in the 10-50% range (though possibly underachieving on targets).
  • Principal-Led or Managed
    • Entrepreneurs who have built their firms from the ground up and generally have a considerable personal investment in the business as well as a substantial financial position.
  • Seeking an Eventual Exit
    • We specialise in the 3-5 year period leading up to the realisation of your investment. This may be via ‘trade sale’ or may mean bringing in professional management so you can ‘step back’ from the business to do other things.
  • Pragmatic Expectations
    • While we can make a huge difference to your ultimate return, the ‘tech bubble’ was not healthy for many individuals the industry. We focus on realistic and achievable goals – which may still surprise you.

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