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About Us

ICT Strategic Consulting is me, and others I work with. We help technology-driven business owners/operators to build the value of their businesses, and ultimately realise that value through an exit. We can help you avoid the traps and reap the rewards of success.

  • Building a selling engine to drive your market presence, generate leads and convert them to sales.
  • Agreeing a realistic business plan for internal use or with investors and buyers.
  • Consolidating growth to crystallise value for a trade sale or other transaction.
  • Making acquisitions that make sense and build equity value.
  • Attracting strategic buyers and negotiating deals that realise your potential.
  • Actioning growth plans to consolidate your position – or your whole industry.

I’ve built a huge formal and informal network across the technology industries, so when you need a partner, a buyer, target or resource, we can find them quickly.

Experience Pays

M&A experience has shown that unexpected buyers or sellers often have the strongest motivations – and that will be reflected in the deal outcome for you and your stakeholders. So we talk to all the potential counterparties; not just ‘the usual suspects.’

Preparing for transactions, however, should start years before you’re ready to make your move. Agreeing a concrete business strategy and plan provides the platform for growth and ensures all stakeholders are preparing for the same outcomes and share the same expectations.

Troubled company’s problems are different, but effective operations are surprisingly similar (to paraphrase Tolstoy). We’ve developed a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and a ‘kit bag’ of solutions to common problems. Innovation is a precious commodity and repeating the mistakes of others doesn’t qualify – but applying existing solutions to new problems certainly does.

Get in touch today to talk about how we might be able to help you. If we’re not the right people to help, we can probably find someone who is.

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