The Deal Process: Sourcing Strategic M&A Deals for ICT SMEs

This article covers the process we use to put together M&A transactions for SMEs in the ICT industry in Australia. It’s primarily focused on vendors, who comprise the majority of deal initiators, but there’s a lot of useful information for prospective buyers, too.

Download it here, or from the image link.ICT SMB M&A Deal Sourcing & Execution Process Briefing Cover

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Different Triggers, One Process – Many motivations drive our clients, but deal processes are fairly consistent.
  • Key Factors Driving the Process – A few key points drive the process – distilled learning from years of specialised effort in this market.
  • Process Stages & How They Work – 5 key stages of putting a deal together
  • Phase I: Preparation
  • Phase II: Go To Market
  • Phase III: Negotiation & Execution
  • Phase IV: Completion & Settlement
  • Phase V: Integration & Growth (Realising Earn-Outs)
  • Tricks, Traps, and 3rd Party Assistance – You can’t both run and sell the business – you need expert external help.
  • How Long Does It Take, And How Much Does It Cost? – The real nitty-gritty

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