Some Effective Solutions

Some of the common types of solutions we’ve put in place include:

Effective Business processes – Fresh eyes can spot small process changes that make huge differences to your business’ throughput – driving growth in margins as well as revenue, flowing on to key valuation metrics.

Filling out Your Management Team – The more the team can take on, the easier the business is to scale for growth, and just as seed and angel investors invested in you, your buyer will be investing in your team.

Focussed, Effective Selling – We know how to set up an effective selling process that works with available (or outsourced) resources and operates reliably and consistently. Buyers don’t buy rockets from rocket scientists.

Set Up Ordinary Staff to Succeed – High achievers expect a lot from everyone, but creating conditions that help non-expert but talented staff to accomplish great things will make recruitment easier and increase overall output of the team dramatically.

Presenting the Business – Whether we’re seeking buyers or partners, we know how to present your business most positively, and have an extensive connection base of suitable prospects to introduce you to.

Learning to Delegate – While you may be the best person to do many things, learning to devolve key tasks to others is among the most important lessons you will learn. This is particularly hard for ‘do-ers’ rather than managers or entrepreneurs – and IT people tend to be ‘do-ers’ first.

Many others still to come…

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