Pre-Exit Preparation and Planning

The years leading up to the sale of your business are critical to achieving an aggressive exit valuation, and the right focus can make a huge difference.

Your business must ‘stand on its own two feet’ to thrive and grow without you in day-to-day control. Products, markets, processes and controls must be seen to be effective, and staff must take on roles that previously required you.

Our short diagnostic covers 6 dimensions (strategy, control, people, process, equipment/technology, andĀ information) of 4 key functional areas (management, new product development, delivery to customers, andĀ sales & marketing) to target viable changes within your allowed timeframe.

The same changes will be necessary for you to extract yourself and keep the business as a ‘passive income’ while you focus on other things, or retire.

Our no-nonsense approach ensures your investment will be returned many-fold.

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