Sales Process & Outsourcing

ICT firms are not the greatest at selling. Many don’t understand it, most don’t like it, and a surprising number simply don’t do it. Sales & marketing is far-and-away the single biggest constraint among firms we talk to – their biggest growth hurdle.

We have developed a specialised service to help clients over this hurdle by:

  • Clarifying what you are selling, to whom, and how;
  • Defining an effective selling process using ordinary, available staff;
  • Sharing highly specialised resources you can’t afford on staff;
  • Outsourcing high-volume tasks – even when you’re busy;
  • Managing the process for continuity and results.

Together, we can build a “Selling Engine” to ensure that your market hears your message, and you find the people who want to talk to you about it – transitioning your business from principal-driven to professional sales quickly.

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