What Have We Got to Offer?

ICT Strategic Consulting is a vehicle for experienced business people to consult with owner/operators building businesses like those we have worked with previously. We seek to share the knowledge and experience of our years and help others to reap the rewards of their hard labour, too – possibly avoiding some of the traps we had to climb out of.

Our networks of formal and informal contacts (of which you will become a member) are extensive, and can provide unique skills and knowledge, access to specialist resources or manpower, and link us to further contacts of their own. Where others in our networks are better suited to assist in certain situations, we take pride in making those connections rather than stepping outside of our expertise.

Some of our individual CVs (email for them!) provide a basic idea of what we have already done, and some view of where our interests may lie. (Note that some of our associates ‘moonlight’ through us, and we are not able to make their CVs as readily available.)

We do not take on work with startup companies, nor with larger firms or those outside of the ICT industry. As a result, our attention is directed 100% to the problems that our clients face, and we have developed enough of an understanding of the different areas of the ICT industry to understand how they fit together and interact.

As the pace of industry change accelerates, it becomes more critical to keep a view across the landscape – not just watching the customers and competitors, but the other potential sources of the next disruption. Our view is likely to be broader than yours (though not as deep), but we do not work on software today and mining companies tomorrow.

Every company’s problems are different, but most effective operations are surprisingly similar. Having worked with or studied hundreds of businesses, what works and what doesn’t has become starkly clear – and we have developed both a deep understanding and a ‘kit bag’ of solutions to common problems.

This is not the sort of experience you might expect to develop working exclusively in your own business, nor the sort of product-driven advice commonly provided by some of the larger management consulting firms. We simply keep track of what works and how it was implemented, and help our clients to adapt those solutions to achieve their own outcomes.

Some of the feedback we provide may be unwelcome, but that’s often the most valuable information. We always maintain a professional relationship, but do not hesitate to tell you when you’re wrong – or when we have – and we treat this as a fundamental premise to everything we do.

This policy informs our approach to evaluating clients’ position in the market, as well as sales & marketing, HR, and other sometimes difficult areas.

Honesty is critical when clients maintain unrealistic views on valuation or pricing, market potential, partner relationship prospects, staff capabilities and other key planning issues. We provide the frank assessments before all the money is spent to find out the truth.

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