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Just a quick post to let you all know that the new website is now live, at, or

We’ve updated the website to reflect the relaunch of the business, consolidating the consulting businesses of ICT Strategic Consulting and ICT Strategic Services with Crosscut Bay’s marketing capability. We’re not operating our own outsourced marketing services anymore, because we found it’s better to help you create your own – and more cost effective in the end.

So give us a call or email me directly (as if you’re thinking about:

  • Growing your technology-driven business – strategically or tactically, we can help make it happen
  • Selling your business – we’re the best help you can find for strategic trade sales within the industry
  • Acquiring a business (or buying a customer base) – we can help you find out how, and find the right targets
  • Restructuring to suit the new competitive landscape – whether it’s cloud, mobile, community building or other challenges, we’ve probably worked with clients who’ve made the same change before.

I’d love to hear from you and would welcome any feedback on the new site and blog as well!

Dr Paul D Hauck, Principal
ICT Strategic Consulting Pty Ltd

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